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The Ethical Company Organisation

Trophy Pet Foods are accredited by The Ethical Company Organisation. This standard sets the benchmark for Corporate Social Responsibility. The Ethical Company Organisation look each year at our policies for: 

Environment: environmental reporting; pollution; nuclear power; other environmental issues. Animals: animal testing; factory farming; other animal rights. People: oppressive regimes; workers rights; irresponsible marketing; armaments. 
During this process, no negative ethical issues were found with regards to the environment, animal welfare or human rights.
The following comments were made by the research team: 
Trophy Pet foods are clearly a forward thinking, ethical company who should be commended for their strong commitment to animal welfare and the environment. This is demonstrated with their animal testing policy and their green policy. 
We also feature in their Good Shopping Guide. Here you can compare brands and services for all manner of products, including cat and dog food.
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