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Feeding the Trophy Way - Cats

Food from the wild is in general, fresh. Faced with tinned food that is either cold and tasteless from the fridge or yucky when warm is enough to put any cat off its dinner. Trophy Premium Complete Care cat foods are complete in every sense. Complete Care, Complete Balance, Complete Nutrition and Complete Pleasure for hungry cats. Please do follow the feeding guidelines as shown on the packs. An average cat can be fed from 20p per day on  the Trophy Premium Complete Care cat food. Compare this with the price of tins or pouches and you will find that  there quite a large saving!

Cats are able to recall a preference to a superior food or flavour and select which ones they prefer. If they fancy a  change switch them to another Trophy Premium Complete Care cat food – we have three to choose from – order  a variety pack (3 x 2kg, one of each) for a varied taste.

Gradually introduce your new Trophy cat food over a five day period, mixing with the current food, increasing the  Trophy food by 20% each day until the changeover is complete. Cats often like their food slightly damp, this  enhances the aroma. You can also add natural live bio-yoghurt which seems to help when changing foods.

Your cat will enjoy their new food, but it is important to be patient whist they get used to the new food. Please make  sure they always have access to water. Clean water left to stand is a necessity as cats do not like water straight from  the tap with its chemical taste.

As previously mentioned cats do like to eat little and often, so leave the correct amount down for them and allow  then to eat when they want. The feeding guides can be adjusted as required, but do monitor your cats, especially  when you have more than one to ensure everyone gets their fair share. Most cats prefer to eat on their own out of the way of the rest of the family. Find a special place to place their bowl away from other pets.

To ensure your Trophy cat food remain fresh and appetising they are packed in 2kg bags, an average supply of  1 month for a 4kg cat. It should be stored in a sealed airtight container in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Your Local Trophy Nutritional Advisor can supply you will a food storage bin, ideal for this purpose, please ask for  a demonstration.

All our Premium Complete Care cat foods are suitable for kittens as well as adult cats, no matter what their age.  Simply adjust the feeding rates to suit.