Check out this brilliant video clip, sent to us by Melinda.

Lovely testimonial received by email. “I have 2 furry boys who definitely agree how good Trophy food is. My younger dog who is nearly 2 was weaned on a different product which made him very windy and lots of upset stomachs. This has calmed right down on Trophy foods, my dogs are both very content with their food and have beautiful coats. They are very pleased to see Tina whenever she delivers food and complimentary treats.” Penny from Kent.

The younger Golden Retriever, Woody has Trophy Agility/Sporting, and Dylan, the older one has Trophy Chicken, Rice and Vegetables. Dylan is now showing his age, bless him, but Penny their owner has said that he’s now got more energy when out on his walks since changing to Trophy.

Tina Bingham supplies their food.

Thanks for letting us have this feedback Penny.

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