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Trophy Microchipping Service

Many pet owners are now recognising that Microchipping is the best way to identify their pet. It offers  complete peace of mind, so in the awful event of you losing your pet, you should be reunited, quickly.  Microchip your pet in the comfort of your own home. Less stress and it should save you money in the  process!

We understand just how worrying it can be to lose a pet and that is why we encourage owners to properly  identify all their pets, whether it is a dog or a cat so that, when found, they can be returned to you as quickly  as possible. As a pet owner, you have a legal requirement to ensure that your pet is under your control and  that includes proper identification with a suitable collar and tag. In some cases, these can come astray and  a microchip is a permanent form of identification that will be in place for life.

The PeddyMark ID162 device is an 11.5mm x 2mm bio compatible glass capsule containing a microchip.  The chip is passive, does not contain a power source therefore will effectively last forever. The PeddyMark  microchip is activated by the reader and transmits a globally unique identification number to a reader where i t appears on the LCD display. The technology is standardised and conforms to ISO standard 11784/11785.


  • The microchip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, is injected into the loose skin between the animal’s  shoulder blades.
  • The procedure is quick, safe and usually relatively painless. It is administered by your fully trained and  registered Local Trophy Nutritional Adviser.
  • The chipping process takes only a few minutes to complete and can be carried out in the comfort of  your home, at a time to suite you.
  • The chip is made out of inert materials to avoid rejection by the body, has no power source and has an  anti-migration coating to avoid movement, once implanted.
  • Each chip has its own unique ID number. Each PeddyMark microchip has a unique number which is  stored on a national databased owned by the Kennel Club called PetLog.
  • The police, RSPCA, dog homes, dog wardens, local authorities and vets can scan the chip. The database,  which operaties 24 hours per day, will be contacted and the ID number will confirm your address and then  you and your pet will be reunited.

    Do Not Delay Get Your Pet Chipped Today. Trophy offers:

    Free Advice on Microchipping
    Free Lifetime registration on the worldwide database
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