Thank you so much for our bag of Trophy Premium Salmon & Potato. Just as you said, the itching and scratching has literally stopped overnight. This is amazing and so welcome. Jacob has had itchy skin all of his life. Nothing we have tried before has worked and we have tried everything! He is so much happier. He seems to enjoy the food too! So pleased we found you.
Lesley H.

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Trophy Non Laboratory Animal Testing


It’s simple, we just don’t do it.

If you have animal companions, it is likely you will do whatever you can to ensure their safety and comfort, including feeding them the very best U.K. made pet food like Trophy pet food.  What some pet food companies are hiding from consumers, however, is that animals like your own are confined to laboratories and subjected to invasive tests for claims on their products.

We do not test our pet food on animals in laboratories and only carry out palatability tests with companion animals in the comfort of their home with their owner’s full permission. These palatability studies involve feeding dogs and cats new recipes to see if they will eat or like them.

We pledge that we do not conduct, contract out or fund animal tests in the developing, manufacturing, testing or marketing of our products.