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Pet Weighing

Is your pet under-weight or obese? Ask your Local Trophy Nutritional Advisor for help. Free Pet Weighing services are available in most areas covered by our nutritional advisors.

Just the right weight, is your dog?

Overweight / Obese Dogs

Around 35% of all dogs in the U.K. are now overweight or obese! In the Trophy Product Leaflets there is a PFMA Size-Ometer guide. Use this as a guide to see what your dog should look like. And:

  • Reduce food intake.
  • Develop and stick to an increased exercise routine
  • It is better to feed two or three small meals per day, rather than one large meal per day.
  • Stick to the feeding amounts recommended and do not overfeed. Feed a fixed amount each day.
  • Monitor the dog’s weight – get your local Trophy advisor to weigh your dog each month – this service is free.
  • Keep referring to the PFMA Size–Ometer in the product leaflets. You should be able to easily feel but not see the ribs.
  • Do not feed treats or titbits, no matter how hard this may be!
  • Never feed human food.
  • Keep a food diary, so the whole family can see what the dog has eaten so far on any one day!
  • Weight loss in a dog is a slow and steady process and can take up to 6 months to see a significant difference.
  • Remember calories need to be reduced and exercise needs to be increased.

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