My name is Roy, my wife Margaret and I live in Devon with our two giant breed Newfoundland dogs.

Meg our bitch is 6yrs old now, and we have had her from a puppy. She has been trained in water rescue techniques and is a registered “Pets As Therapy” dog.

For some 4 years I had fed Meg a home made BARF diet. This was time consuming and messy, but she thrived well on it. So I resisted my sisters encouragement to switch her food to Trophy - my sister has the Trophy franchise for North Devon.

I was asked by Newfoundland Rescue if I would agree to foster a 3yr old Newfie boy until a permanent home could be found for him. I agreed and picked him up.

The dog I first saw was painfully thin, a dirty grey colour and smelled of urine. He was handed over with just a dirty choke rope lead. When I asked what he was being fed, I was told “he eats anything, steals food, but likes roast potatoes and gravy on a Sunday.

“Bernie” as we came to call him was taken to our vets to resolve many health issues. He weighed in at 45kg. When I groomed him, the rake comb rattled against his ribs and backbone.

After his health problems had been sorted out, following an operation and medication, the job began of building him up nutritionally. So, I agreed to try both dogs on a Trophy food. Wanting grain free, Kay recommended Trophy Premium Salmon and Potato. My concerns about switching Meg’s diet proved unfounded, she loved it from the start and maintained her health and vitality.

Bernie licked his way into our hearts and minds and Newfoundland Rescue were told we did not want to foster him any longer - we wanted to give him a forever home with us.

So, as evidenced in his photo 16 months on Bernie now weighs a healthy 63 kgs , has a beautiful ebony shiny coat, and now has a bounce in his step when he walks. The transformation is truly amazing; he is a beautiful example of his breed.

I am convinced this has been achieved with our TLC coupled with Trophy’s Premium Salmon and Potato food.

Larna has really thrived since she has been on the Trophy food, as have our other 2 dogs. Both Larna and Jazz had stomach problems but now are completely settled with Trophy.



Purdy after being on Trophy active cat food for 3 months now. She's got a loverly coat and is healthier and happier than ever. This is a pic of her sun bathing in the garden yesterday.



Tina Bingham of Trophy Pet Foods East Kent has sent in a photo of their cat - Frankie. She is 10 years old this week, loves her Trophy complete care cat biscuits and, as you can see, she’s still very agile! There is a fence just out of shot, but she still has to jump from the fence up onto the lamp post, which must have required exceptional balance and precision. Tina said 'When I saw her up there I didn't know whether to grab my camera or stand underneath ready to catch her – I chose to grab my camera and she eventually got down safely all by herself!'


“I have 2 furry boys who definitely agree how good Trophy food is. My younger dog who is nearly 2 was weaned on a different product which made him very windy and lots of upset stomachs. This has calmed right down on Trophy foods, my dogs are both very content with their food and have beautiful coats. They are very pleased to see Tina whenever she delivers food and complimentary treats.” Penny from Kent.

The younger Golden Retriever, Woody has Trophy Agility/Sporting, and Dylan, the older one has Trophy Chicken, Rice and Vegetables. Dylan is now showing his age, bless him, but Penny their owner has said that he’s now got more energy when out on his walks since changing to Trophy. Tina Bingham supplies their food.

Thanks for letting us have this feedback Penny.


Spoke to a brilliant lady on the Trophy customer hotline just now. We discussed everything, from what treats to give my dog, to how I can reduce the amount of waste he produces. Great nutritional advice, tips and ideas, thanks Trophy, we are looking forward to our starter pack of Trophy Premium Holistic and fish treats.
Debbie C from Derby.


Always a pleasure to see our Tina, the Trophy Pet Food lady here, with her boy Buddy, who is such a friendly man, and a delight to grab hold off, although he is always too busy playing to have a good cuddle. The sheen on this boy's coat is awesome. Must be the food. As a groomer myself, I am seeing a lot of poor furries sadly with skin problems. Indeed my own Molly Mop had them, but this food is all natural and mine thrive on it.

Today Tina has given me lots more free samples to try out the clan with, as I am in between changing flavours. It’s such a bonus to talk to someone that actually knows about canine nutrition but doesn't force it down your throat. Scotties can sadly suffer with cancer, and my own way of thinking is to feed holistically, to try to offset any future problems. I may not, but I can try at least.

I like giving my money to a business that helps canine welfare, and Trophy do just that, plus it’s delivered to my door always with a smile.

Maureen feeds her Labrador, Scotties and Westie on Premium Holistic Small Bite, Premium Salmon & Potato and Premium Duck & Vegetables.  She originally came to Trophy about a year ago via a recommendation from Westies in Need.


I have never emailed a company before, but feel I must with Trophy Pet Foods - not only did my order turn up within 23 hours of ordering it, but for the first time in her life my dog is tucking into two square meals per day. Trophy Premium Maintenance - is now a legend in our household!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Hello Trophy. Thank you for my bag of Trophy Salmon & Potato (Premium). My dog loves it and as a fussy madam, this is wonderful news. She has always been hard to feed and a worry to us both. I am delighted to report this is her 2nd bag and she tucks into it very quickly at every meal time. Her coat looks amazing and waste products are minimal!
Dear Trophy, having rung the Trophy hotline to discuss my dogs needs, we settled on Trophy Sensitive and Shine. Both my dogs are now enjoying this new food and the transformation with their coat is astonishing. When compared to other wheat free dog foods, the value for money this food offers is a credit to your range. Thank you so much.
Jo from Powys. 


Thank you for making my wee Skip happy! I rehomed Skip last year and later he was diagnosed with wheat, rice and corn allergies, via blood allergy testing.

His skin was covered in large sores, his coat was dull and he was very thin. I tried Trophy after speaking to my local rep and one year later his coat is lovely, soft and shiny. His scratching has reduced dramatically and he has gained 1kg in weight.

As you can see from the picture he is very athletic and will run for miles, thanks to Trophy he no longer needs to stop and scratch, which makes Skip one very happy mutt.

Thanks Katie and Skip


This is Layla; our 6 year old Border Collie. She has been having Trophy Pet Foods for sometime which has kept her in brilliant condition but recently she has not wanted her food.

I didn't want to try another brand of food and risk her fantastic condition, so after talking to Paul and Sandra they suggested we try the new Trophy Premium Salmon and Potato; what a difference, she loves it! No more issues with eating! She even comes and asks me for her dinner!

We feel so much better knowing that she is getting the best all round nutrition.We appreciate everything you do and cannot thank you enough!

Regards Maggie

“Thank you TROPHY FOODS. I am very pleased with your food I am feeding my cockers, and love the body and coat it has given my dogs. I don't have to add anything to get this result with your foods. And I always have clean bowls from them.”

Karen (dog groomer) from Kent


Our male cat has suffered from crystals in his urine from a young age and as such out vet recommended he was fed on Hills Science Plan CD. After eight years and the cost of a 5kg bag going up every time, we trialed some of Trophy's cat food after meeting Paul at a local dog show.  Our two cats loved it and Harry has not had any problems with crystals with the added benefits that it costs far less than the Science plan and their stools are much firmer and less smelly than previously. Chris from Ilford.


I have three dogs. My very small dog at two and a half years old developed a digestive problem. She would go off her food and cry in a lot pain. After several visits to the vet, who said they could not find anything wrong with her, I was at a loss as what to do. Claire Tydeman who delivers my order of Trophy dog food told me about the Trophy Herbs – Digestive Aid. A blend of herbs for maintenance of the digestive tract. She gave no guarantees it worked for my dog, but I had heard some good feedback from other dog owners that it had helped their dogs.
As there was nothing that seemed to help her, I gave it a go. It seemed to work straight away and now two months and a half months on she is still free of pain and is back to being a happy little dog. It was well worth giving it a go.

Lin from Southampton


Can I just say that the ‘oldies’ are looking in splendid condition on their new food – lovely shiny coats despite two of them being neutered and all of them with body coats clipped off these days. Really pleased. You never know I might soon have the courage to put the youngsters on it too!!

Celia from Hythe (Feeding Premium Hypo-Allergenic to her English Springer Spaniels)


Thank you so much for my first delivery of Trophy Premium Holistic Mature. Our old Lab, is no longer old! He has much more energy, really enjoys his new food and his back legs are much stronger and less stiff than they were! I cannot recommend this mature dog food enough!
Many Thanks


I have been using Trophy Dog Food for a while and have recently changed from 'brand name' cat cruchies to the Trophy cat food. I cannot recommend then enough (on behalf of my cats, of course!) As unpleasant as it is to say, two of my cats would eat 'brand name' crunchies then, usually, end up throwing half of it back up again! (I assume this was due to them swelling in  their stomachs and there not being enough room!?) The Trophy cat food has not caused this problem at all. They are much smaller and don't swell up. All my cats love them and although they are a little more expensive I have found that they are far more satisfied after eating a smaller portion than the old food. They are not gorging on them, so a bag is lasting a good while. They are happy contented cats and I don't need to watch where I place my feet now! Thank you Trophy, another great product!

Rachel Bishop


We have a 5 year old rescue collie in our pack. Having gone thru the normal process for adoption Charlie was taken to the vets by the rescue kennel for his jabs and suffered an epileptic fit. Having fallen in love with the laddie we took him on and during the first few months he had a fit once every 3 or 4 weeks, each time due to stress. Gradually the time between fits lengthened and now they happen no more than a couple of times a year and always due to stress, either positive or negative. Even the excitement of waiting to go into the agility ring can bring on a fit so we have to take him straight into the ring and away quickly afterwards. Charlie was a physical and mental mess initially but has turned into a lovely pet who actually would be far better in a home where he was the only dog. We put his improvement down to a combination of good food and a loving home.

At the beginning of January we decided to try him with Trophy Easygoing herbs and over the last two or three weeks we have notice him gaining in self confidence. Hopefully this improvement will gain momentum and I guess the defining moment may well be the next time he is put in a stressful situation. We have seen positive results ourselves and gained good feedback from customers. It also surprised me when I checked that the large tubs have sufficient quantity to last one dog for six months, what a good buy.
Dave's coming with our Trophy & we're waiting for his van
He comes out in all weather, he's just that sort of man
He brings us lots of goodies, cause he thinks the world of us
And when he comes to see us, he gives us lots of fuss
So thank you Trophy for our food
It keeps us fit & well
It keeps our coats all shiney
As everyone can tell
John and Sally - served by Dave & Maureen Hume in a place called Rookhope (about as remote a place as you will find anywhere in the country).


I first heard about your food when Matthew did a talk at our dog training club. Like most things, it was a case of I will look into that later and never did. But I was getting more and more dissatisfied with my current food and looked at your much improved website which gave me the answers I needed. I have three dogs, two with normal digestions and one, Ruby with colitis. She was on a sensitive diet but still getting bouts. Every few days she would refuse breakfast, have a very squeaky tummy, eat lots of grass with not very nice results but then be OK for another few days. This would then build up to quite a nasty flare up. Investigated Trophy, was astounded by the price and tried the samples. They all loved all the sample so no problem there. Next was advised by Matthew which one to go for. As a pensioner, cost was important to and we settled on Working Dog Maintenance. Not labeled a sensitive but could see nothing in it to cause an upset tummy. I have just finished my first bag and Ruby has only refused breakfast once and had a minor bout just recently which I put down to a disgusting habit she has. Nothing will cure her colitis but it is now under control and I cannot recommend this food more highly. Its not often you can get a product which does the job, is real value for money and they actually love it. On top of this the service is second to none. So I am happy, my dogs are happy and my purse is happy...

Angela from Torbay


When Angel the Doque de Bordeaux was rushed to the vets with the life threaten condition Gastric dilatation volvulus or bloats a medical condition in which the stomach becomes overstretched by excessive gas content (it is also commonly referred to as torsion and gastric torsion when the stomach is also twisted); it was touch and go as to whether she would survive. Thankfully the vet was able to save Angel life however afterwards Angel owners were given the advice that she would no longer be able to enjoy her favourite Trophy food as she would have to switch a soft wet tined diet or a specialist oversized kibble to slow down the speed at which she ate.
Angel’s owner Chyrell (landlady at the local pub) rang John Thurley her local Trophy Nutritional Advisor who had been supplying Angel’s food for the last 5 years to tell him. He was able to reassure her that in fact there was no reason for Angel to miss out on her favourite food. We simply had to change the way Angel was fed. John recommended that Angel’s food was soaked before feeding in some warm water and to slow down the rate at which she ate at John supplied a slow feed bowl that would reduce the speed she ate at.
Thankfully Angel is back to full health and still enjoying her favourite Trophy food.


Dear John
We are absolutely delighted with the Slow Feed Bowl that you recommended for Charlie! It has transformed his “high-speed gobble” into a “leisurely munch”. We are definitely reaping the benefits! Thank you Trophy for yet again improving the life of our best friend.
Dawn and Keith

Sascha came to me as a rescue dog in March 2008.  She was in desparate need of a good home, and a lot of T L C.  Her owner had died and she was with very unwilling family.
Dejected, terribly overweight, and as she was a very small Lasa Aphso, she could not support herself well.  Her knee caps popped out if she walked too much, or too far. At 5 years old she had been allowed to put on so much weight that she had little quality of life, her eyes were in a dreadful state, also her teeth....However,  we worked to improve her weight, and took her for Hydrotherapy,and a dental, and she improved quit a lot in 6 months.  Her back legs continued to be a problem, but not as much......Then a few months ago a friend recommended Trophy food to me.  I have two other rescue's, both are Shih Tzu's.  We are now established customers and all 3 dogs love the food and are doing very well   Sascha has benefited the most as she has become so agile and fit.  She has the Trophy Joint Supplement each day as well as the food.  Her legs are so much straighter and stronger, and her weight is stable. She can walk over the ranges for an hour and a half, no problem ,and no pain afterwards!! One of my friends who saw  Sascaha at her worst, and thought we would have to put her to sleep, is completely amazed at the improvement.  There is no doubt that Trophy food and the Joint supplement have given Sascha a wonderful quality of life. I shall always be grateful for that, and we all love to see her so able now to keep up with the others, and run, walk and play without any difficulty. thank you Trophy.

Shirley, served by John Purnell


From Tracy her dogs are fed on Trophy Special

What I like most about Trophy pet foods is that the ingredients are natural and nothing has been tested on animals. My 2  dogs have been on Trophy Special for just over a year now and their coats are shining. 

Trophy pet foods can also provide for my Rabbit, Chickens and Guinea Pigs and its all delivered to my door. Thanks John

Tracy is served by John Allen.

New Image john a.JPG                  

We have been using Trophy Pet Foods since 2005, we moved abroad for almost 3 years but on return to the UK in  2010 the 1st thing we did was to find our local Trophy agent! 

We would not feed our 3 dogs any other pet food - take time to read the ingredients of "normal" pet food & compare  to Trophy.  The food really has made a huge difference to our babes.  On "normal" dog food they were sluggish, had  dull coats & produced a lot of semi solid "waste".  Ever since introducing them to Trophy their coats are silky & shiny,  their eyes are bright, they are more active and produce less "waste". 

We now also give them 2 of the Herbal range - one of which we were particularly interested in "Easy Going"  as the  info said it can help some dogs with car sickness.  One of our dogs didn't like car journeys no matter how short - he  would drop his head & looked "green around the gills".  They have now been on Easy Going for a couple of months &  there is a definite change in him, his head is up he looks out of the window & no longer looks sick & unhappy - fantastic. 

As for costing it really does work out to be cheaper than you may think, John (our local agent) weighed our babes &  advised us as to how much their daily intake should be, not only has this maintained their weight but a sack of food  lasts for quite some time. John our agent is brilliant - he'll advise us if necessary & if he doesn't know the answer he'll  find out, he will weigh our babes regularly if required & nothing is too much trouble. 

We really do highly recommend Trophy Pet Foods - our dogs eat better than we do! - try for yourselves that is the only  way to find out!

Fed on Trophy Holistic Small Bite

New Image john a2.JPG

Dear John You will be amazed by Sizzles’ coat! it is incredible! shiny and like velvet! no more dandruff and he is tip top!  The herbs are  going down a treat!

Still having his two meals a day and he is fit and healthy! - the remarks I get, regarding his coat is astounding! His coat is  so soft and growing back beautifully after being shaved from his surgery, so thank you John, and a massive thank you from Sizzles too!


Sizzles is fed on Trophy Premium Active and the Herbs are Trophy Seaweed & Nettle. John Purnell is his franchisee.




I have a lovely Golden Retriever called Honey and she is 4 years old. Honey loves life and has always been a very  excitable dog. When  I was offered some Trophy Easygoing  by Trophy I was keen to see if it would help Honey relax  a little. We have tried all sorts of other things such as training but she has always remained excitable so we were a  little sceptical. The easygoing mix is very easy to use as you just add it into their food and although Honey was a little  unsure at first she soon got used to it. We noticed after about 2 weeks that although she was excitable she calmed  down quicker. If someone came round she would dance around for ages and pester them and although she still did  this to a degree she would only do it for 5 minutes rather than 30 minutes. Honey used to get anxious if too much was  going on around her but she barely noticed any chaos whilst using Easygoing. What was a massive realisation to how  good easygoing was good for her was when we forgot to give it to her for a few days. She was an absolute nightmare,  anxious, excitable and she was literally bouncing off the walls. We will always use Easygoing with Honey, it has made  a difference to us and has made her a lot more manageable, I was pleasantly surprised. Oh and just to add, it lasts for  ages so is very affordable, we use 2 scoops per feed and it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Nicky

Trophy were at a show at Fleming house in Cumbernauld so I went to see what the food was like and got a very warm  welcome from Mary who advised us to swap from the brand (Wagg) we were using. I can’t be any happier with the change  in our 8 month old puppy, Rocky. Thanks Trophy for making our puppy feel and look a lot happier and healthier.

Thanks again from Frances.


Hi, I’ve been a regular customer of Sue’s for three years. Sue has provided a very good service throughout those three years and I would recommend Trophy Pet Foods to anybody. Sue is a very friendly woman who over the years has become well known to my family and pets. Recently we have had a new addition to the family, a chocolate Lab called Jack, Sue’s knowledge and advice has helped us through with the dog’s health and nutrition and she has always been available anytime to give advice.  As well as helping with Jack our eldest dog Megan waits in anticipation of Sue’s arrival and recognises her van, Sue never fails to greet Megan with treats. Give Sue a call and together you and your pets will never look back.  

Mandy, Cumberworth. 


loopyTwo years ago a new addition to our family arrived he was a bubbly bouncy ex-rescue German Shepherd called Loopy.  He was approximately three years old but had been mistreated in the past and passed from pillar to post, when at the rescue centre he had no fur, mites and was just skin and bones.  Being a rescue dog he did have his little problems as he had lived on the streets for some time but the worst by far was his tummy troubles. 

We tried a number of different brands of food, listened to advice from the vet and the groomer but none had any effect.  For the first 12 months he suffered with major runs and was constantly being sick, we simply could not settle his tummy. We ended up feeding him on a diet of fresh chicken breast (2 per day) and 500 grams of white rice as this would settle his tummy for 3 or 4 days before his tummy would go off again. We went to Huddersfield's Bark In The Park where we met a delightful lady called Sue on the Trophy Foods stall to whom Loopy took to straight away (probably the nibbles he got Ha Ha). We spoke to Sue in length regarding Loopy's tummy problems, she could not believe he was on just a chicken and rice diet, weighed him and we listened to her advice.  As there were a number of dog food stalls there we decided not to make a rash decision so visited them all looking for advice, none of them were anywhere near as informative or concerned about Loopy's tummy problems. Needless to say we returned to Sue's stall and made an appointment for her to call at our house with the different foods she had available. 

Sue arrived and brought in a variety of different products and we discussed his problems further, Loopy thought it was a fantastic game trying all these different foods but kept going back to the Lamb Trophy Premium Maintenance which seemed to be his favourite.  We all discussed the food and Sue stated she thought this would be the best and could clear him up within a week, we were a little unsure.  Following day approximately 12 hrs after starting his new food Loopy went out for his walk and what a transformation, we had never had stools like this dry, formed and totally as they should be.  Sue phoned later that day to see how Loopy had gone on and I do think she was as surprised as us that in such a short period of time there was such a transformation. 

Twelve months on and Loopy is fine, no tummy problems, his coat is superb, he is full of the joys of spring and bounces around like a puppy when out playing with his tennis balls or when he is over at a local country park where he swims for hours in the lake.  Sue is just a phone call away and every time she arrives at the house she gets a loving welcome from Loopy and he will follow her out to the van and watch her leave from the front door, a true friendship has been formed between Sue, Loopy and ourselves. Cheers Sue you are a diamond.


Helen, Andy and Loopy
NANNA, She is a black-white ex-racing greyhound who, unfortunately was owned by an Irish Trainer, a cruel man that kept her racing continuously without a break until she lost a race at the age of nine years. Most racing hounds are taken from the track by the age of 5/6. By the time the greyhound rescue centre obtained her she was in a very pitiful sight. When we went to see her two weeks after her arrival at the centre, she was so pitiful, so thin her skin just stuck to her bone. Her skin dull and full of scurf, her eyes dull and lifeless and her breath smelt fowl. She was so very timid and scared, even now just over two years later we can-not raise our voice at her if she is naughty for she will run away and cower in fear. Makes you wonder what horror she has been through. But now, boy, what a change. In the first year we spent over £1,000 in vets bills on food, pain killers, blood test etc: all to no avail.

Then one day I saw the Trophy Van across the road and went and asked if I could speak to the van driver who I later found out was called John Purnell. He suggested we start Nanna on one of the light foods but unfortunately it didn't suit her tummy. Eventually we settled on her present food HOLISTIC and she has never looked back. she has turned into a happy healthy bouncy, mischievous eleven year old puppy and has learnt many tricks. Her coat is in brilliant condition now, her moulting is usually over within a week to ten days, whereas before it was continuous. Her breath is lovely, her eyes shine and are full of life. AND since on this food she has had NO pain killers at all from the vets. How wonderful is that. Wonderful what the right food can do. Many thanks. 


Just a quick note to let you know how we got on with the Premium Hypo, for Alfie 

You will recall that I rang you in desperation as Alfie had developed an allergy to chicken. Finding a complete food that does not contain any chicken meat was proving very hard and if we did he would not eat it. The customer service lady we spoke to on your hot line, explained that whilst the premium hypo is made from salmon meat it does contain some chicken oil. She (sorry I can’t remember her name) went onto explain that even with this allergy Alfie should be ok on the Premium Hypo, as past cases had shown that the small amount of chicken oil should not cause too many problems. Having purchased the Premium Hypo and fed it now for some 4 months, we are delighted with the food. Alfie loves it, his skin and coat are back to normal and he shows no sign of any food intolerances. In fact he is in great health and fighting fit. We are so pleased we came across your web site and recommend the food to all our friends. 

D & R from Norfolk.