Thank you for making my wee Skip happy! I rehomed Skip last year and later he was diagnosed with wheat, rice and corn allergies, via blood allergy testing. His skin was covered in large sores, his coat was dull and he was very thin.

I tried Trophy after speaking to my local rep and one year later his coat is lovely, soft and shiny. His scratching has reduced dramatically and he has gained 1kg in weight. As you can see from the picture he is very athletic and will run for miles, thanks to Trophy he no longer needs to stop and scratch, which makes Skip one very happy mutt.

Thanks Katie and Skip

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Trophy Green Policy

With everyone's carbon footprint being analysed and indeed, debated, we would like to introduce you to our Trophy Green Policy. First of all, this is the beginning of our Green Journey, but small improvements are happening all the time. You will be delighted to learn that all leaflets, publications, catalogues, etc. are printed on a combination of recycled paper and paper that is sourced from sustainable managed forests.

We'd love you to pass on any literature you receive from Trophy to a friend or relative when you have finished with it, to give it a longer life, or recycle it when you're done. Who knows, it may come back to you again as another Trophy pamphlet! Our offices have now become a greener place to work. Our principles are 'reduce, re-use, and recycle'. We now recycle everything from paper to toner cartridges, computers to cardboard.

Finally, you may not be aware that we have always sourced as many of the ingredients for our pet foods in Britain, as it is possible. We make our food in Northamptonshire, as opposed to on the continent or in the U.S.A. Therefore we have very few food miles in getting the food to your door.

Here is our Official Environmental Policy Statement:

Trophy Pet Foods recognises its responsibility to respect the environment and will strive to achieve environmental best practice throughout its business activity. The Directors of Trophy Pet Foods are committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental performance.

We believe that everyone has a duty of care for the environment and to seek ways to conserve natural resources. We are conscious of environmental issues and we believe that the pursuit of economic growth can be linked to ecological protection. This is a collective issue which is the responsibility of government, business and the community at large. In pursuit of our business goals, we will seek to minimise the wastage of raw materials and energy, and to minimise harmful emissions resulting from our activities. We will comply with all relevant legislation concerning the environment and will actively co-operate with the authorities on environmental protection matters. Where regulations do not exist we may set our own standards of environmental performance.