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Hi, my name is Russell and I, along with my wife Wendy, have been delivering the great range of Trophy Pet Foods products to our loyal customer base in south Cheshire, north Shropshire, and Wrexham since 2018.  We have a growing list of happy customers who enjoy the benefits of buying from Trophy both for them and for their pets.

Wendy and I wanted to run our own business that reflected our values in terms of animal welfare, responsible manufacturing, sourcing and trading.  Trophy hits the mark on all of these issues and, of course, the product range meets the needs of almost all parts of the pet food market.  Our pets (Immie the Goldie and Tallulah, the one-eyed tabby cat) enjoy Trophy’s products, with our dog really benefitting from Trophy’s range of grain-free, hypoallergenic foods, as she has a very sensitive digestion.

We work closely with a number of local animal charities and we try to make donations in the form of free pet food as often as is practicable.  We also support local animal charities and animal organisations by attending their events to promote the benefits of feeding pets a nutritionally balanced diet that is appropriate to the animal’s life stage – we call it “feeding the Trophy way”.

If you are interested in learning more about Trophy Pet Foods, our products, our services and support, then please click on the link below where you can request free pet food samples or make a booking for an online nutritional consultation – we’ll even bring our vet scales to your house to weigh your dog!  Alternatively, you can go old school and simply call me or leave a message on 07802 727972.


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We make a wide range of pet food including grain-free, lite diets, puppy, mature, adult and cereal-free options.

Introducing Trophy Pet Foods

Natural, ingredient-led, specially formulated with a wealth of key benefits.

Trophy Pet Foods is an established direct-to-your-door pet food delivery service. With an "Excellent" score on Trustpilot from over 250 reviews you can see why our customers choose Trophy Pet Foods. Everything we do is driven by passion for pets.

Each pet is unique and it is our mission to offer every Trophy dog or cat a free nutritional consultation via our trained and qualified Trophy Nutritional Advisers to ensure you know that they are on the right food for their life stage and are therefore healthy and thriving.

Like all good things in life, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, free home delivery and free samples to try before you buy. We make a wide range of pet foods including grain-free, light diets, puppy, mature and cereal-free options.

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Each pet is truly unique. The food you choose plays a huge part in keeping your pet healthy and happy for life. Use our interactive food finder tool to tell us about your pet and to see some great feeding choices tailored for you by Trophy.


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Tell us a bit, or all, about your pets and I will choose the correct and most appropriate samples for you, and then deliver a free meal to you at your convenience. During busy periods, please allow up to 7 working days for me to make your delivery.


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Chat with me over the phone or via Zoom, I'm a qualified Trophy Nutritional Adviser. Then, if needed, arrange a safe face-to-face meeting with me to help you assess the suitability of our range for your pet. I have an excellent knowledge of small animal nutrition.

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