Trophy Easy-Going

For the nutritional maintenance of the nervous system, Easy-Going uses a blend of natural herbs reputed to have specific calming and soothing actions and may be beneficial for dogs that suffer with anxiety / nervousness or have an excitable nature. It could be used for calming down ‘hyper’ dogs and has been reported to help dogs that suffer from car sickness.

We love this herbal blend, here at Trophy, and it is one of our best selling herbal products for a reason - it really does work! Ideal for nervous dogs or those that hate noise and loud bangs (fireworks). Also ideal for training an over excited or lively dog!

Contains chamomile which acts as a calming and digestive tonic, scullcap, which also helps to calm and relax; and lemon balm - a stress reliever. Plus vervain which supports the nervous system and again, has calming properties. Lime flowers can relieve tension and anxiety, to calm dogs who are excitable or restless.

If you have a shy or stressed dog this is the product for you. You can start off by doubling the daily amount for the first few weeks to get the herbs into your dog's system.

Composition: Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Vervain, Lime Flowers and Scullcap.