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I am Annie Otterhound, the face of Trophy Pets Foods Doncaster. I am far more beautiful than the face of L’Oreal, Cheryl Cole, even if I do say so myself.

Along with my big brother Charlie Otterhound, my mum, Jane and Adrian my dad we are the Trophy Team here in the Doncaster area, operating in Post Codes DN1 through to DN17.

My main job here at Trophy Wharf is to the run the Trophy Doncaster Facebook page. Charlie is Trainee Newshound. He also holds the position of Chief Food and Treat Tester. Here you can see him quality testing Premium Holistic Large Bite. You have our word that no kennels were hacked while bringing you any of this information & news.

We are committed to ensuring that you and your pet receive the food and products you require. It is our aim to provide honest free nutritional advice. Since I arrived at Trophy Wharf I have become a bit of an expert in food. Whilst Charlie and I eat good old Trophy Maintenance, I am amazed how much pet food costs. I often go to other pet food stores for a look at some of the bags and what they cost. I have learnt that Trophy can well be better value than some of those supermarket brands. Well how glad are we that we live here.

Why not come and meet us all in person. We are at:-

v  Puppy Whispers and Dog Whispers training classes each Saturday. These classes are held at Hayfield Lakes, Auckley, Doncaster, DN9 3NP.

·         Puppy Whispers classes are held 9am until 11am

·         Dog Whispers Adult classes are between 11:30am & 1:30pm.

For more details on these classes contact Brian Gallagher on 07896 177848 or check out

v  Rogues & Rascals training at Bircotes Community Centre, White House Road, DN11 8EF every Monday evenings from 6.00pm.

For more detail please contact Emma Bate on 07851 140955

v  We join Sue Fryer from SIT Dog Training in Haxey every Wednesdays evening for Agility and Flyball training.

For more details please contact Sue on 07879 220715 or


As you can see Charlie & I have quite a hectic social life & we like to see as many of our customers as possible on a regular basis, just to make sure all our canine and feline friends are thriving on Trophy foods.

You can often see both Charlie and me in our Dads van helping with deliveries. I will be the one looking out of the passenger side window. Charlie will be in the back looking after our canine and feline friends’ food. Just to make sure nobody steals it.


If it is more information about us Otterhound or if you just want to tell us about your best canine or feline friend then visit us on facebook.


Thank you for visiting our page.


Annie and Charlie Otterhound


If you would like to contact the workers, Adrian or Jane, then please give them a call on:

01405 740034