Trophy Premium Cat Food Range

Cats - Affectionate, dependent, reclusive, loving, fussy, independent, they have many, many traits and they can be particular about their food. Over the years, here at Trophy Pet Foods, we have learnt all about these likes and dislikes and offer a complete range of premium, natural cat foods for each need. It is never an easy task to keep a cat happy with their food. In a cats mind they will only eat when they want, what they want and like to eat little and often, so we have spent a long time perfecting our recipes to make sure they are delicious and nutritious.

We want to make sure we are not only giving them something they like, but also something that helps provide optimum health benefits for your cat. Our range of cat food are usually loved by cats because they have a high meat and or fish content and no unsavoury fillers or taste enhancers - just natural ingredients and recipes.

In order to satisfy the ease of crunch that a cats needs from a cat food, Trophy Pet Foods has developed kibbles that have great texture and shape. This means it feels good in the mouth and fractures easily when crunched. The kibbles are easy to pick up. These special kibble shapes and textures help to neutralise oral bacteria and provide a teeth cleaning function keeping the mouth in tip top condition.

Key Benefits for all of our Trophy Premium Cat Foods

Four premium foods, each containing the finest natural ingredients which will provide superior nutrition, taste and performance.

  • A crunchy texture with added vitamin C to promote healthy teeth and gums
  • No artificial colours or flavourings
  • Formulated to help maintain urinary pH near to optimum when fed free choice
  • Contains balanced omega 6:3 fatty acids
  • A complete diet with added B-vitamins and essential fats for a glossy coat
  • Contains yucca extract to help ameliorate faecal aroma
  • Contains Mannan-oligosaccharides to help support digestive function and nutritional support of a healthy immune system
  • Rich in natural antioxidants 
  • A mix of animal proteins to help maintain muscle mass
  • Contains taurine to help support healthy heart and eyes
  • Wheat Gluten Free Recipes
  • Our foods are gently cooked in small batches, to ensure we keep plenty of goodness locked in for your cat to enjoy