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Hello, let me introduce you to Trophy Stafford. Trophy Stafford was founded in 2003 when after many years of working for others, I decided to start my own business and work for myself. Since then, Trophy Stafford with the backup of Trophy Pet Foods UK ltd has gone from strength to strength.

Trophy Stafford  is operated by myself, John Thurley, with the help of my wife Gill and over the last 17 years we have been assisted by our pets, Patch the cat and our two dogs Angel the English Setter and Beamish the Black Labrador. The corner stone of any business is its product and its customer service. We have been lucky in the fact that over the years Trophy pet foods have developed and adapted to changing improvements in pet nutrition so today we have a range of products that will suit the many different needs of individual pets. We pride ourselves on our customer service. To us it’s the most important part of the business. We are proud to have been awarded a number of customer service awards voted by our customers but we have never rested on our laurels and today we still maintain the belief that our customers are the most important part of our business.

We love nothing better than to get out and meet as many people and their pets as we can. To this end you can find us at many a village fete and county show throughout the summer. We also hold our own annual dog show in Sandon and the money raised is passed to the local parish committee for distribution to local charities.

If you would like more information about our products and service, you can click to request a free sample or ring us on 01785 330308 or 07958183054. We can be found on Facebook via the link above.

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We make a wide range of pet food including grain-free, lite diets, puppy, mature, adult and cereal-free options.

Introducing Trophy Pet Foods

Natural, ingredient-led, specially formulated with a wealth of key benefits.

Trophy Pet Foods is an established direct-to-your-door pet food delivery service. With an "Excellent" score on Trustpilot from over 250 reviews you can see why our customers choose Trophy Pet Foods. Everything we do is driven by passion for pets.

Each pet is unique and it is our mission to offer every Trophy dog or cat a free nutritional consultation via our trained and qualified Trophy Nutritional Advisers to ensure you know that they are on the right food for their life stage and are therefore healthy and thriving.

Like all good things in life, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, free home delivery and free samples to try before you buy. We make a wide range of pet foods including grain-free, light diets, puppy, mature and cereal-free options.

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Each pet is truly unique. The food you choose plays a huge part in keeping your pet healthy and happy for life. Use our interactive food finder tool to tell us about your pet and to see some great feeding choices tailored for you by Trophy.


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Chat with me over the phone or via Zoom, I'm a qualified Trophy Nutritional Adviser. Then, if needed, arrange a safe face-to-face meeting with me to help you assess the suitability of our range for your pet. I have an excellent knowledge of small animal nutrition.

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Thinking of adopting a rescue dog?

The term ‘rescue dog’ covers any number of situations where a dog needs a new home.

Most commonly, family circumstances change and the family pet becomes displaced and ends up in a rehoming centre through no fault of their own. Sometimes owners divorce, emigrate, need care-based accommodation or, sadly, die. There are also instances, all too often, where dog ownership doesn’t meet expectations or a dog/owner match doesn’t work out. They can sometimes be bought as gifts, and land in a household that is simply not ready for the responsibility.

Fun facts about some of our favourite small breeds

Short in stature but always big in personality, small dog breeds are growing in popularity, with almost 40,000 French Bulldogs being registered with the UK Kennel Club in 2020 alone (source: Country Living). The preference for smaller dogs might be linked with many of their benefits such as requiring less room, portability and cost to feed – and compared with their larger counterparts this makes a lot of sense!

Taking care of your small breed dog

“Almost anything big dogs can do toy breeds can do as well! From becoming service dogs to working as therapy dogs there are many small dogs doing very big jobs. Toy breeds excel at obedience and agility, scent work, tricks, and other sports. Don’t underestimate these pint-sized athletes— if given the opportunity, toy breeds can make great canine competitors in performance events.”

[American Kennel Club]

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