Pet care tips and tools

Ideally the change to a new dog food should be spread over a 5-day period. With the new food your dog’s stools may become loose for a few days and perhaps change colour. This is normal and will soon pass, and you will find they will become firmer, less frequent and easier to clear away! Overfeeding can also cause loose motions. Please adjust the feeding rate to suit.

Some pets prefer their complete food soaked in water, but if this is the first time you have fed your pet a dry food then you may find that the water bowl goes down quicker than before. We recommend that our complete diets are fed dry, as this helps to clean the teeth, prevents bad breath and tooth decay. But, if you prefer to add a small amount of water to the food, it is not a problem. This rehydrates the food for your dog and increases the aroma. Cats often like their food slightly damp, so they can really get a smell for it.

Some owners like to add leftovers, tinned food, gravy, raw or cooked meat to their pet’s food with the view of adding more variety! But remember, all Trophy foods offer the correct balance of proteins, fibre, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Trophy foods are bagged as soon as possible after cooling/cooking to seal in freshness. Once the bag is opened, it is best to store the food in an airtight container to maintain this freshness. Ask your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser for a food storage bin or a free bag resealer.

If this is the first time your pet has been fed a dry food, then your pet will drink more water. Therefore, clean, fresh water is a must.

Feed twice a day to improve digestion.

Always feed the correct amount, don’t be tempted to overfeed, as our complete food may look less than you're used to feeding.

All large and giant breed dogs could be fed from a raised bowl, this may prevent digestion problems.

Monitor your dog’s motions; if they become loose, then your dog could be eating more than it needs.

Always consult your Trophy Nutritional Adviser should you have any problems. They are there to help.

Useful tools


Calorie calculator

Energy requirements vary considerably between individual dogs, even between siblings kept under the same conditions! This wide variation between individual animals can be driven by differences in age, breed, body condition, activity level and so on. Our tool will proved you with a good starting point to help you understand how to make a better feeding choice for your pet.


Price per day calculator

We believe in delivering value. As we do not do 'shrinkflation', or cut corners on raw materials, or cheat by adding inappropriate filler ingredients, we recognise that our big bag prices can appear, to some, as intimidating at first glance. So, let us help you take comfort in how little it will cost to feed your beloved furry friend.

Food Finder.png

Food finder tool

The food you choose plays a huge part in keeping your pet healthy and happy. By feeding Trophy you are making an ‘Excellent’ choice. Whilst nothing will beat a free consultation with one of our independently qualified Nutritional Advisers, our Food Finder Tool will take you on an exploratory journey to what we believe will be a great decision!

Pet care and feeding FAQs

When changing any diet the key is to do it slowly. Introduce the new Trophy pet food in small quantities, gradually increasing the amounts fed whilst gradually decreasing the amount of the old food.

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