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You have a choice – enjoy the benefits of a local and qualified Nutritional Adviser or order online. Your adviser offers a free home delivery service at a time and date to suit you. Ordering online is easy and safe.

A shiny coat, a waggy tail, a bouncy walk…

How would you like a truly personal service? Our Nutritional Advisers work within a particular area, and they’ll get to know you and your pet in no time! You can order food to suit your needs, enjoying a delivery at a time and place that you choose. Your pet will love our British-made, natural, premium food. It’s ethically approved and of uncompromising quality. You’ll see for yourself when it’s time for dinner!


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Free home delivery

If you dream of the day you never have to lug heavy pet food home, this is it.

All of our pet foods and products can be delivered direct-to-your-door via your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser. Deliveries can be made at a time to suit you. We are local and delivery is just a phone call, click, text or email away. You won’t run out of food as we’ll establish regular contact to ensure that you receive your next delivery exactly when you need it.

Your Trophy Nutritional Adviser will provide you with all the information you need on the full range of Trophy products. They will help you decide on the right food for your pets, advise on diet and any special dietary needs and then deliver your Trophy pet food, treats and accessories whenever you need them.

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Free pet weighing service

Is your dog the right weight? Our free pet weighing service is available in all areas covered by our Trophy Nutritional Advisers.

  • Never feed human food.

  • Choose a calorie-reduced dog food.

  • Feed two or three small meals per day, rather than one large meal per day.

  • Keep a food diary, so the whole family can see what the dog has eaten so far on any one day.

  • Follow the feeding amounts recommended on the bag and never overfeed. Feed a fixed amount each day.

  • Keep referring to the PFMA Size–O-Meter. You should be able to easily feel but not see the ribs.

  • Reduce food intake.

  • Monitor your dog’s weight.

  • When managing weight, do not feed any treats or titbits, no matter how hard this may be!

  • Develop and stick to an increased exercise routine.


Around 40% of all dogs in the UK are now overweight or obese. The PFMA Size-O-Meter guide is an excellent starting point. Use this as a guide to see what your dog should look like. Weight loss in a dog is a slow and steady process and it can take up to 6 months to see a significant difference. But keep going, getting your dog to the right weight for him or her will have so many good, long term benefits and will make them fit and healthy.

Remember calories and food intake need to be reduced and exercise needs to be increased.

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Thinking of trying Trophy?

Book your FREE Nutritional Consultation here

We make selecting the right food for your pet fun! Book a Zoom or phone call with one of our independently qualified Nutritional Advisers, tell us all about your pets, and we’ll guide you to some excellent, tailored feeding choices.

This service is FREE! And you get a new customer starter offer. And don’t forget the storage container and free samples. We told you it’s fun!

Find your local Adviser

The Trophy team of trained Nutritional Advisers is ready to listen, help and deliver direct-to-your-door. High standards are set by our enthusiastic experts in pet care and pet nutrition.

We provide free advice on pet nutrition and your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser is always available to help. Backed by our in-house nutritionist and a team of experts, your local Trophy Nutritional Advisers are professionally qualified advisers, having completed an independent CPD qualification in pet nutrition and UK pet food legislation. You’ll always get the very best advice from us.

Good general pet health comes from an excellent diet, regular exercise and lots of care. This will undoubtedly lead to a happier, healthier and longer life. We can help - all in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient to you. If you would like, we will assess your pet's coat, weight, life stage and general health. Your pet can enjoy some free samples from our range of foods and we can discuss purchasing a small bag of Trophy pet food or one of our brilliant starter packs. You can feed your new food for a few days and see how they get on.

All this and more

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Customer care and advice

Care Line

We are here to help you with any dietary issues you might have with your pet. We can talk you through specific situations such as starting a weight loss programme or we can help with feeding your new puppy for example. We can’t help with medical issues but we’ll do our best to support you where we can.

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Converting your pet to Trophy


When changing any diet, the key is to do it slowly. Introduce the new Trophy pet food in small quantities, gradually increasing the amounts fed, whilst gradually decreasing the amount of the old food. Ideally, the change should be spread over a 5-day period.

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A healthy weight for your dog

A healthy weight for your dog

Making sure your dog is within the right weight range for their breed, age and sex is really important – and can affect their life expectancy, mobility and comfort. Looking after your dog’s weight means that you are feeding a good diet and exercising them regularly – both of which have a knock-on effect on their entire well-being: coat condition, organ health, eyes, teeth, breath and joints. So you can see how using weight as a barometer can improve your dog’s general health overall.

Join in National Dog Photography Day 26th July and win a professional graphite portrait of your dog worth £160

In celebration of National Dog Photography Day, Trophy Pet Foods is holding a one-day only competition – one day, one photo, one dog! We’ll be accepting your contributions on 26th July only so don’t miss out! The winner of the best photo – subject, composition, lighting, and all things that tick the photography box will win a professional graphite portrait of your dog worth £160 from Portraits in Pencil by Bobby. Time to get snapping! Send your entries in to Trophy’s Facebook page – on 26th July. 

Caring for our dogs in the heat of the British summer

With our ever-changing, eclectic British weather we have to be on the ball when it comes to looking after our dogs. What is an ideal environment in the morning can have changed completely by the afternoon so we have to be mindful of making sure our pets are going to be comfortable – whatever the weather.

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Sandon Village Fete 2022

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Summer fayre and Charity day.

Summer fayre and Charity day.

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