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What are natural 'antioxidants'?

Natural antioxidant inclusion helps the mop up of free radicals that are produced through oxidation. Examples of ingredients we use with high antioxidant properties are blackcurrant and rosemary.

What do you mean by ‘No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives’?

Trophy ensures that all recipes exclude commonly perceived nasties, unwanted e-numbers, excess salt, etc; yet still ensure the food is kept as fresh as the day produced. Any colour, or colour variation, you see is the result of the fresh, seasonal raw ingredients.

How do you define the term ‘hypoallergenic’?

Diets that are specifically formulated for dogs that are prone to the effects of food-based allergens. The symptoms vary from stomach sensitivities, to skin and coat irritation. 

Do you do 'grain-free' diets and what are they?

Yes, we have several grain-free foods within our complete dry food range, and five-grain free flavours within our tinned food range. Grain-free is defined as a diet that has been developed without wheat, corn, rice, barley or oats or any grain source whatsoever. Potato and sweet potato are used as the alternatives to provide the required dietary fibre and related carbohydrates.

What does ‘protein’ relate to in pet diets?

Protein within a pet’s diet is crucial for sustaining daily life functions. Protein is broken down within the digestive system and absorbed into the bloodstream as amino acids, which then aid muscle repair, support the immune system and provide some energy.

Why is there ‘fat’ in pet food?

Also referred to as oil. Vital for providing energy, carrying vitamins around the body and making the food extra palatable. Our high-grade oils also help the skin and coat reach its full potential. 

What does ‘crude fibre’ mean?

Fibre has a number of benefits; however, it is best known for keeping the digestive system healthy. It also helps with stool density, making it easy to pick up.

Why is there ‘crude ash’ in pet food?

Don’t be misled into thinking there is any ash in dog food! It’s just the term used to measure the inorganic (mineral) content in a laboratory analysis which helps us to assess the efficacy of the diet. The term is best defined as the essential minerals required in a fully balanced diet. This can include magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and calcium to name but a few. Once the pet has absorbed what it needs, the rest is passed out in their stools.

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