Storage of Trophy pet foods

Firstly, all our foods should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. A kitchen larder, in the under stairs cupboard, or a cool garage are ideal storage areas. Please don’t store our pet foods (even unopened bags or tins) in the shed or conservatory where temperatures can get very high. This is to prevent destruction of vitamins and oxidation of oils/fats leading to rancidity. Our pet foods will retain their best flavour if stored in the original bag, as other storage containers may impart an odour and taste to our complete kibble pet foods. Excessive periods of high heat and/or moisture may cause the nutrients to breakdown.

Although it may be more convenient to open a bag of kibble and place it in a storage container, discarding the original bag isn’t a good idea. The bags are designed to keep the foods good, without spoilage, for quite a while and will be needed in the rare event of you requiring a refund. The original bag will keep most of the oils in the food from soaking through and thereby turning rancid. Once the bag is opened, roll the top to close it, and use a clip or one of our bag resealers to keep it closed.

Although keeping the food in the original bag is important, that doesn’t mean you can’t place the entire bag in a storage container - putting the entire bag into the container rather than pouring the kibble directly into it. No matter what you use, make sure the lid is replaced tightly after each meal to keep insects and rodents out – and to prevent your pet from helping itself!

Wash and dry the storage container between bags.

Wash and dry pet food bowls and scooping utensils after each use and wash water bowls daily. Dirty bowls (they may look clean) or bowls encrusted with stale, old food may soon cause a dog to lose its healthy appetite.

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