How best to feed puppies: from birth to their new homes

Jun 22, 2021 2:15:21 PM

In our follow-up to our How best to feed mum during and after pregnancy blog and by your request, here is part two of our ‘nurturing-nutrition’ series:

1. Mum and pups – the weaning process

The weaning process will happen naturally, usually when mum starts to make herself less available to her puppies. Let her drive this; mum really does know best but do keep a close eye on proceedings.

When the puppies are around 3 weeks old, start offering them some Trophy puppy food. They will probably only eat a little, if any, to start with as they will still get the majority of their nutrition from mum, but as mum makes herself less available to them, the hungry puppies will start looking for additional food and will start eating more and more puppy food.


Dinner time! Rio and puppies at 2 weeks old


Megs puppies feeding

2. Meal prep

Make up each meal, in advance of feeding time, by adding boiled water to the puppy food. Once the kibble has softened, mix it up into a ‘porridge-like’ consistency, adding more water if necessary. Very importantly, check it has cooled down before giving it to the puppies and then leave it down for 10 minutes. Discard, or offer mum, any food that’s not been eaten.

4. Feeding time

Feed the puppies four times a day, increasing the amount fed according to their appetites, (this should increase as mum starts feeding them less). Keep a close eye on how full/empty the bowls are and be prepared to start offering more food when they need it.

Be mindful of overfeeding as weight gain at a young age is both problematic to shift and can lead to health complications later in life.

If you are feeding one of our Trophy puppy foods, then be sure to keep our Puppy Feeding Guide handy and to stay in regular contact with your local nutritional adviser. It’s all part of the free service we offer.


Stunning and very shiny!

4. Preparing for new homes

To help make this emotional time (for you, mum and the pups) as stress-free as possible, pre-order their favourite food as part of their leaving present. This will also help them adjust to their new and exciting lives more smoothly.

New owners will look to you for advice on keeping their new family member healthy and happy and, by providing the food they’re used to, you will ensure that sudden changes to diet, that could make a puppy temporarily unwell, are avoided.

The new puppy owner can then contact their local Trophy Nutritional Adviser, or Trophy’s head office, to arrange for further deliveries of their favourite puppy food if they so wish.


Growing fast and exploring the garden!

5. Tips for the new home

  • It is good for your puppy to see you as the provider of the food.
  • Puppy food should be fed at evenly spaced intervals to avoid over stretching their very small stomachs.
  • The cleaning of bowls after each meal is vital to the health of the new puppy.
  • Find a quiet area to feed your puppy, away from interruptions or distractions.
  • Aim not to feed your puppy immediately before or after exercise.
  • Ensure your puppy has free access to clean, fresh water at all times.
  • Every puppy is different, so feeding amounts must be adjusted to suit. Please contact your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser, or our experts at head office, for advice if needed.
  • Lastly, download our Puppy & Junior Guide as a handy reference via this page.


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Feeding time for Rio’s puppies! 8 weeks old and fully weaned on to Trophy puppy food.

We hope you have enjoyed and found this blog to be informative and please don’t forget that our independently qualified nutritional advisers pride themselves on delivering you and your pets the highest standard of service, reliable advice and some of the best pet foods on the market! Find your local adviser, or order some free samples, via our website:


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