What’s on in 2022 for UK dog lovers

Jul 2, 2022 7:54:00 PM

As we head into 2022 there is still some uncertainty surrounding the viability of public events in light of the ongoing Covid-19 situation so we’re setting this diary of events out with one eye on the news! For now, we’re going to outline the various dog focused events that we’ve come across for the new year ahead with optimism and our fingers crossed.

There are events, competitions, festivals and more. If you love spending time with your dog and many other dogs, take a look at this selection.


March 10-13

NEC Birmingham


This is probably the most well-known UK dog event. Not only does it feature a variety of pedigree dogs looking to win ‘best in show’ but it also has workshops, stalls and all kinds of dog goodies. Over the four days, the event covers four main categories: working and pastoral; terrier and hound; utility and toy; and gundogs (10-13 March respectively).

Crufts is organised by The Kennel Club, attracts over 20,000 competitors and is broadcast on TV. It is a busy, popular event so be well prepared and if you’re planning on staying in the area, organise this well in advance.

All About Dogs

April – August 2022

Across the UK


These are fun events where your dogs can try all sorts of things including agility. You can enjoy gundog displays, find useful advice from experts, watch dog shows and shop of course! The aim is very much around having fun and celebrating your dog.

All About Dogs is held at six different venues, as detailed below – some include weekend camping:

  • Newbury Showground, Berkshire – April 17-18
  • Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire – April 23-24
  • Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex – May 1-2
  • Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire July 2-3
  • Norfolk Showground, Norwich – August 28-29
  • Brentwood Centre, details to be confirmed

Paws in the Park

2 UK locations


Aimed at pets and working dogs alike, these two events include weekend camping. You can enjoy dog games such as flyball and agility, watch or participate in dog shows and competitions and there’s even a K9 Aquazone – be sure to bring towels!

Sussex: 14 – 15 May

Kent: 17-18 September

Dog Fest


3 UK locations


These are events organised by Noel Fitzpatrick, Channel 4’s much-loved Supervet.  Again they are weekend events with camping options available. Highlights include Supervet Live shows where Noel Fitzpatrick presents advice, stories and takes questions. Alongside this is much more including a festival village, the Great Dog Walk, stalls, agility and have-a-go sessions.

  • Knebworth House, Hertfordshire – Sept 11-12
  • Tatton Park, Cheshire – Sept 25-26
  • Cirencester Park, Gloucester – Sep 18-19

There are also Dog Fest Christmas events each year which are worth a look at – all information is on the website link shown above.

Dogs Unleashed

2 UK locations


These look like great fun family events and include ring displays, dog swimming pools, dog shows, live music and food courts. Promising a festival feel, these events are aimed at the whole family and perfect for anyone who loves dogs. A camping option is available at both venues.

  • Driffield, East Yorkshire - July 2-3
  • Uttoxeter, Staffordshire - Sept 10-11

The Great British Dog Walk

August - October


This is a sponsorship event that takes place across the UK in support of hearing dogs for deaf people. There are 15 different walks across Britain and even the chance to take part virtually. It’s just £10 with profits going to the charity and a bandana for your dog! There are lots of goodies to reward you as you raise money at different levels, from £25 to £100+.

The Great British Dog Walk is a great day out with like-minded people and also raises much needed funds for the excellent and amazing work they do – training clever hearing dogs to help deaf people in their daily lives.


4-5 June

Broadlands Park, Romsey


This is a large, spacious event where dog owners and their dogs can enjoy a weekend of canine fun. You can take part or just watch the dog shows, competitions, K9 Splash Pool, stalls and live music. There are ‘ask the experts’ sessions and even a dog modelling competition!

Held in the New Forest, 2022’s event will also include a special Jubilee celebration.

The Dog Lover Show


For our readers in Scotland, the Dog Lover Show is in Aberdeen and Glasgow in 2022:

  • Aberdeen P&J: 26-27 March
  • Glasgow SEC: 2-3 April

These events are slightly different and are aimed at showcasing many different dog breeds. You can expect to meet the breeders and more than forty different dog breeds. It also includes an exhibition, adopt and rescue opportunities and a main stage packed with entertaining and interesting displays.

These are some of the bigger dog events being held in 2022 but there are so many others. Keep an eye on social media to see what is happening near you.

Dog Friendly Britain includes a calendar of events where dogs are welcome but aren’t necessarily about dogs – this is useful if you like to take your dog out with you: https://www.dogfriendlybritain.co.uk/events_calendar.asp



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