Dogs are truly a part of any family, and we like to include them when we celebrate, especially at Easter. However, when it comes to the delicious human goodies available, we must be careful as what is yummy for us could prove fatal to your dog!

Is a puppy right for you?

If you’re thinking about getting a new pet, a dog is an exciting and rewarding option. However, before you bring your new friend home, it’s a good idea to consider how a puppy will fit in with you, your family and your lifestyle. This is particularly important if you haven’t owned a dog before - or experienced the first year or two (the length of the puppy stage depends on the breed). It is easy to get caught up with the prospect of owning an adorable puppy but it’s wise to take some time to understand the challenges as well.

Showing your dog – tips for beginners

From the local village fête to world-famous Crufts there are many opportunities for proud dog owners to show off their pets. If you’re considering showing your dog then there is a lot you need to know before you get started.

Pet parasites …how to spot them and manage them

This is an article guaranteed to make you itch! Parasites are a hard fact of pet ownership, but the good news is that, with a little care and preventative treatment, they can be avoided or cleared up before the problem gets out of control. Ignore the signs at your peril as they are a lot harder to get rid of once they start to breed in significant numbers. If you are unsure about which parasite you are dealing with, or need a prescription treatment, always consult your vet for advice.

Hydration and your dog

Providing a bowl of water for our dogs is automatic, we don’t really think about it other than at a basic needs level. However water is essential for so much more than quenching thirst, it plays a part in every bodily function your dog needs to stay alive and in the very best condition

Trophy Guide to tear staining

What is tear staining?

Tear stains in dogs are usually the reddish or brown coloured marks around the inner corner of the eyes, down the face and sometimes in the corners of the mouth. They are obviously more noticeable in solid white breeds, lighter coloured breeds, or those with white facial markings.

Dental health in dogs

Taking care of our dogs is one of the main ways we show our commitment and love. Oddly, dental attention isn’t always on our care list alongside the more obvious ones such as good diet, exercise, a comfortable place to sleep and plenty of affection. We recommend spending just a little time on our dog’s dental health each day, looking for any changes or indications of discomfort in their mouths, particularly their gums. Ask your vet to include a dental check when you attend for routine visits.

The importance of your dog’s routine …especially during the holiday season

It’s fairly safe to assume that most of our pets have a routine of sorts. It’s often one of the things dog owners enjoy too, although of course we never get to enjoy a lie in... our dogs’ natural internal alarm clocks are on high alert when it’s time to rise!


Winter Walks

Winter Walks

Walking in a winter wonderland sounds idyllic but the reality of walking in the British winter months can prove to be quite the opposite sometimes. Here’s our handy guide to enjoying the great outdoors, even when it’s the coldest, wettest and greyest of days.

Living with dog diabetes

What is dog diabetes?

Diabetes in an animal is a condition that isn’t completely curable although you can do a number of things to help your pet live a longer and more comfortable life. Alongside veterinary advice, you can help your pet through diet and exercise. The good news is that it can be managed successfully in many cases.

What not to feed your dog

Dogs should always get the majority of their nutrients and calories from a carefully created, balanced diet, as formulated by the nutritionists at Trophy Pet Foods. 

A Guide to Diabetes in Dogs: Advice and Care

There are two types of diabetes which can occur in dogs:

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