National Walk Your Dog Week (1st -7th October 2022 )

For most dog owners it might seem strange to dedicate one week a year to highlight the importance of walking their pets - after all it’s a daily occurrence right? However, this international initiative was launched twelve years ago to reinforce the importance of regular exercise in our dogs’ lives.

In praise of companion dogs

In praise of companion dogs

“I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source”

Doris Day


Our checklist for responsible dog ownership

Whether you are brand new to the wonderful world of dog ownership or you are a seasoned dog whisperer, it’s well worth reflecting on the really important aspects that make us the very best custodians of these special animals.

The magic of herbs

For centuries herbs have been used in cooking and medicine for the many wonderful benefits offered through their powerful properties – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, nutrition and much more. They are, of course, completely natural and their amazing goodness can be introduced to your pets too.

A healthy weight for your dog

A healthy weight for your dog

Making sure your dog is within the right weight range for their breed, age and sex is really important – and can affect their life expectancy, mobility and comfort. Looking after your dog’s weight means that you are feeding a good diet and exercising them regularly – both of which have a knock-on effect on their entire well-being: coat condition, organ health, eyes, teeth, breath and joints. So you can see how using weight as a barometer can improve your dog’s general health overall.

Join in National Dog Photography Day 26th July and win a professional graphite portrait of your dog worth £160

In celebration of National Dog Photography Day, Trophy Pet Foods is holding a one-day only competition – one day, one photo, one dog! We’ll be accepting your contributions on 26th July only so don’t miss out! The winner of the best photo – subject, composition, lighting, and all things that tick the photography box will win a professional graphite portrait of your dog worth £160 from Portraits in Pencil by Bobby. Time to get snapping! Send your entries in to Trophy’s Facebook page – on 26th July. 

Caring for our dogs in the heat of the British summer

With our ever-changing, eclectic British weather we have to be on the ball when it comes to looking after our dogs. What is an ideal environment in the morning can have changed completely by the afternoon so we have to be mindful of making sure our pets are going to be comfortable – whatever the weather.

Choosing kennels with confidence

Choosing kennels with confidence

If you’re going on holiday you want your beloved dog to enjoy a mini break too, right? It’s important to know that, whilst you’re away from home, your pet is happy and being well cared for. Instead of it being a leap into the unknown, here is our handy guide to choosing great kennels – so you can both relax and enjoy a change of scenery.

5 top tips for large breed dog owners

Big dogs make the most loyal, loving and fantastic pets but there are a few things to know before you commit to sharing your life (and your space!) with these huge hounds. We’ve made a list of five of the most important things to appreciate but be sure to ask your breeder or rescue centre for their advice too.

Care for your working dog

Care for a working dog is much the same as caring for any dog but there are some additional considerations in terms of diet and joint care. A dog who is regularly expending lots of energy will need extra calories in and it’s important that these are the right ones. Also the joints and muscles of an energetic, hard-working dog will need extra attention – again in the form of the correct supplements and diet. Trophy has all of this covered of course and our Nutritional Advisers are on hand to help and advise should you need it. 

Thinking of adopting a rescue dog?

The term ‘rescue dog’ covers any number of situations where a dog needs a new home.

Most commonly, family circumstances change and the family pet becomes displaced and ends up in a rehoming centre through no fault of their own. Sometimes owners divorce, emigrate, need care-based accommodation or, sadly, die. There are also instances, all too often, where dog ownership doesn’t meet expectations or a dog/owner match doesn’t work out. They can sometimes be bought as gifts, and land in a household that is simply not ready for the responsibility.

Fun facts about some of our favourite small breeds

Short in stature but always big in personality, small dog breeds are growing in popularity, with almost 40,000 French Bulldogs being registered with the UK Kennel Club in 2020 alone (source: Country Living). The preference for smaller dogs might be linked with many of their benefits such as requiring less room, portability and cost to feed – and compared with their larger counterparts this makes a lot of sense!

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