Trusted by pet owners for 30 years

11 Jan 2021

Did you know that in May 2021, we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Trophy Pet Foods?

Founded in 1991 by Colin and Mary Maidens from Oxfordshire, the business became one of the first full members of the British Franchising Association for its supported home delivery business opportunity.

After 3 decades of personal home delivery, provided by entrepreneurial pet-loving members of your local community, the business continues to grow whilst retaining our lovely long-term and loyal clientele. Some clients have been with us for 27 years, and most others 7 or more years!

So, after feeding generations of dogs, we are now excited to be supporting a new generation of dog owners as well. These means we’ve had to evolve with the times, whilst protecting our much-loved core values. New customer behaviours have also changed significantly during this time. The importance of credible referrals is more important than ever, and authentic social proofing has become a key part of a new pet owner’s decision-making process.

The pet care market is abundant with good feeding options, and we take great pride in helping pet owners sort the wheat from the chaff, or, better still, the very best from the best.

We love the Trustpilot reviews you give us. We know that writing reviews on Trustpilot, especially for first-time Trustpilot reviewers, can be burdensome. You need to set up an account, validate emails, accept terms and conditions, and prove a genuine buying experience. However, the benefit of your time and patience is a real and authentic review. As opposed to other review platforms where someone can easily add fake, or even pay for, positive or negative reviews.

A recent update from our Trustpilot account’s insights, ranks us as the UK’s:

  • #1 source for nutritional advice
  • #1 pet care store
  • #1 animal feed provider

Thank you for all your contributions to Trustpilot! We are beyond grateful for your reviews, support, and contributions to these amazing milestones. You are helping introduce the wonderful world of Trophy Pet Foods to a new generation of buyers and assisting them to make outstanding choices for their pets.

From all at Trophy Pet Foods – thank you!

Author: Matthew Snell

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Trusted by pet owners for 30 years
A recent update from our Trustpilot account’s insights, ranks us as the UK’s: #1 source for nutritional advice #1 pet care store #1 animal feed provider Read more.....
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